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Weddings & Elopements

Congratulations on your engagement! Weddings are my ABSOLUTE favorite photography events, as they provide so much of what the human spirit has to offer.


Whether you are celebrating a traditional wedding, elopement, or small ceremony, you deserve a photographer with the experience and passion to help you create stunning imagery. I proudly serve and celebrate love of all kinds.

My vision is to help you navigate this momentous occasion with calming resolve, visible experience, exceptional kindness to your guests, and the ability to improvise if any unexpected situations arise. To begin your wonderful journey in wedding photography, please inquire to check availability for your date. Don't have a date set? Contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation! 

Capturing Every Detail of Your Creative Planning Efforts

You've planned and planned for your amazing day. From cake toppers to napkin rings, centerpieces to photo collages, I will make certain to capture every detail of your efforts.

Partnering with an experienced wedding photographer has many benefits. When a family member arrives later than planned, a boutonniere is missing (I am a self-proclaimed boutonniere-pinning master), someone's hair isn't cooperating, the weather suddenly shifts, or emotions are running high, you can rely on years of experience for a calm and relaxed photography experience!

Complimentary Engagement Session Included with Each Package