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Engagement Photo Session Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to review this FAQ guide and let me know if you have any more questions! I’m always delighted to assist.




How long before our wedding should we have our engagement session?


There’s no absolutely correct answer to this question, but if you are wanting the photos for “Save-the-Dates” that you’re sending out, 6-10 months prior to your wedding is the most common timeframe.


What location(s) do you recommend for engagement photos?


There are a many fantastic locations in or near Springfield! For natural photos, I like to utilize Nathanael Greene Park, Sequiota Park, Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, and the Nature Center.

For city-scape photos, it’s really all about the backdrop that you prefer. There are lots of great locations downtown near the square that work wonderfully for photos. Jordan Valley Park and the Commercial Street (near the footbridge) are great spots as well.


What types of clothing should we wear?

There’s no rule about what to wear, but here are a couple of tips. Plaids and strong patterns (such as floral) tend to not photograph as well as subtle patterns or solid colors. If you have a dress, shirt, or other garment that you want to wear that has bold patterns, it will most likely be fine as long as additional people in your session aren’t also wearing bold patterns.

Most of the sessions I lead have a lot of walking involved. Depending on the shoes in your photos, you might want to bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes. If you bring a bag, I’ll be happy to carry it for you as to keep it out of photos.


If we’re uncomfortable showing certain types of physical affection in public, will that be a problem?

Absolutely not! I will ask you about your comfort level with public affection before we start taking photos. There are plenty of great ideas to utilize if you prefer a more casual session.


I have a Pinterest board with a lot of specific shots I would like. Can you do this?

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for communicating a feeling or vibe for your session! You can share your Pinterest board with me at


Can we change outfits during our session?

Absolutely. It’s your session, you can do whatever you like! I will note that, depending on the location, there might not be many options for facilities, so it might need to be in the car!


Are you ok with our children being in the photos?

Of course.


What time of day is preferred for photos?

Most photographers prefer to shoot during the “golden hour,” which is period of time immediately following sunrise or before sunset. The sky appears warmer, the light is spread more evenly, and lighting flare effects are easy to capture during these times.


If we book you for our wedding, can we subtract the price of our engagement session from our wedding package?



What forms of payment do you accept?

Debit/Credit cards, cash, check


When should I pay for my session?

You can pay for your session anytime before your session begins through our site payment portal. You will need to have an account, which you can create on our site free of charge. Once logged-in, you can access the payment page through your private client menu!

If you are a wedding client, there's no charge for your engagement session. :)

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